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You Are Beautiful – Exhibition 01

Fashion & Photography – You Are Beautiful – Exhibition 01

“You Are Beautiful” comes from a true feeling in the bottom of my heart when I saw those images created by these beautiful minds. They are young, bright and brave, the images are rough, raw but fresh.

This group of young photography talents are from different countries and cultural background. Their work are inspired by another group of independent fashion designers. Together, they teamed up with fashion stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist and producer; they are exploring the possibility of creative visual images in print and film.

I am sincerely glad to be presenting you this group of young artists, the beautiful mind behind their beautiful images, their passion, their love, and their community in the name of fashion and photography.


这一群年轻人来自于不同的国家和文化背景,他们的视觉影像作品同时深受中国当代年轻独立时装设计师的灵感启发, 他们和年轻的造型师,化妆师,发型师,制片一起挖掘各种未知及可能性。


Special Guest – Fu Han

Lead singer of ‘Queen Sea Big Shark’, a preacher of love songs- Fuhan, is a typical 80’s Beijing born and bred girl. Wild, unpredictable, yet hones a gentler side; she likes to try new things and also misses the once vibrant era. Fuhan: “you can only break boundaries, if your heart becomes wild enough”

为爱情而唱歌的后海大鲨鱼主唱付菡,典型的 80 年代出生的北京姑娘,性格狂放不羁, 又不失温柔体贴,喜欢新事物, 更怀念那个曾经充满生气的年代。
付菡: “不断打破边界心才够野”

Photographer – Rodney Ye

Rodney Ye is from Australia. He often takes a surrealist approach whilst shooting; this technique enhances the colours and creates an unforgettable experience all to view his pieces.

Rodney Ye是来自于澳大利亚。在拍摄工作中,娴熟的运用他超现实主义的拍摄手法,使绚丽的色彩静止在画框中,成为一抹让人无法忘记的色彩。

Photographer – Lolita Sharun

The use of strong colour contrast, reflects the vitality of Lolita’s style. With her unique vision to detect trends, and her ability to capture the attitude and subtle changes in the models expression, allows her to exceed in fashion and beauty world.


Photographer – DongYu Wang

Being a newcomer, Dong Yu is a photographer and Illustrator. At first glance his work gives a clean and simplistic impression. Through deeper exploration, his work revolves around bright colours, a keen sharp sense of style, simple but thoughtful compositions. These techniques reveal his young, curious, qualities.

王冬雨作为一名新人摄影师,插画师,简单、白净是他给人的第 一感觉,但他的作品却有着艳丽 的色彩,犀利的画风,简洁的构图,这些无处不透露着他年轻, 古怪,有想法的特质。

Photographer – LA Cornelius

LA graduated from the University of the Arts London with a Major in art direction. By being a Instagram celebrity, mixed with his love of fashion and also pursuing photography that matches his style- this motion of constant pursuit and innovation is also one of the reasons he was chosen by YYO.

LA毕业于伦敦艺术大学,艺术指导专业。身为Instagram celebrity的他,热爱时尚搭配,对于摄影他有他的一套风格,不断追求创新的视野也是他被YYO挖掘的原因之一。

Photographer – Lina L’man

As a female photographer originating from Russia, Lina manages to capture her unique and delicate perspectives through the camera. Moments of fleeting beauty, feelings, thoughts and emotions, all pass through her lens and continue to leave their mark.

来自俄罗斯乌法,作为一名女性摄影师透过她独特而细腻的视角,捕捉人物美好的时刻,感受, 想法和情绪,使之停留在镜头中并永恒地保留。

Video Director – Pasha Ulianov

Even from an early age, Pasha, from Ukraine, has shown his strong talents in video shooting and production. As an advocate for the young, beaming personalities, it has become synonymous with him as a video Director. His work embodies high levels of visual effects and his unique perspective to his fashion work is filled with a strong sense of personal style, each bringing his work to life.


Photography – Issac Lam

Cutting edge photographer Issac Lam, from Hong Kong, uses a combination of both cold and warm tones alongside unique compositions. This combined creates an atmosphere of where the psychedelic and the reality meet. Issac specialises in capturing the often overlooked body language, and the close-up view of each character to express their views. Youthful impulsiveness allows him to be creative, especially in the exploration of his own psychedelic style.

新锐摄影师ISSAC LAM 来自香港。冷暖色调的交叉使用、独特的构图都使他的作品风格在迷幻与现实中游走。ISSAC擅长于通过捕捉镜头前人物的特写和肢体语言来表达自己的看法,年轻的冲劲让他勇于创新,在摸索中形成了自己的迷幻STYLE.