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Your breath
ripples across my skin
like the passage of time,
your eyes reflecting within mine,
creating worlds within our own.

We are infinitely different
and infinitely the same.
We are nothing but thought
temporarily aligned.

The Now is here.
The Now is ours.
The Now is expanding within our lungs
until all that we exhale
is the pale light of extinguished stars,

until your beauty
is recycled and redefined as
the Aurora Borealis

painted across a blank canvas
for a single, brilliant moment

Executive Producer: Yuan Yuan Jin
Photographer: Lina L’Man
Designer: Pronounce
Makeup Artist: Yulia Hsu
Hair Stylist: 王笑笑
Stylist: Jill
Model: Grigorii Love Kudinov, Johnny Silva, Jiang Yan @ Esee, Dary Way, Kirill
Producer: Aven Xiao, Emily Baird