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MISSY SKINS BY NATASHA IVACHOFF, proudly supported by the YYO Foundation, is the first Australian designer brand to be presented at Shanghai Fashion Week. The Autumn/Winter 2015 collection The Showgirl is going to shine down the runway
on April 11, 2015 in the official fashion week schedule.

In 2012 MISSY SKINS was created – a leather-inspired brand with a focus on fine leather crafting and innovation in skins, showcasing the natural beauty of these delicate materials.

MISSY SKINS BY NATASHA IVACHOFF is the mainline range; its AW15 collection The Showgirl pairs leather perfectly with sheers, silks, fine wools and luxe fur, appliquéd and embossed to create beautiful yet wearable leather clothing aimed to celebrate the designer’s culture and collective artistry.

For MISSY SKINS BY NATASHA IVACHOFF’s AW15 campaign, YYO brought international fashion photographer Lolita Sharun to realize the The Showgirl’s imagery to stunning effect with a unique eye. MISSY SKINS has invited Vogue China’s designated stylist Yi Guo as the styling director for the catwalk show, working alongside with Amy Chan, the creative show director from APAX Group.

YYO Foundation, founded by Jin Yuan Yuan, aims to discover, support and showcase emerging talent, fashion designers and photographers that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

MISSY SKINS BY NATASHA IVACHOFF是YYO Foundation在上海时装周期间隆重推出的首个澳大利亚独立设计师品牌. 2015年4月11日,我们将 协同品牌展示2015秋冬系列-The Showgirl。

MISSY SKINS品牌创立于2012年,这是一个灵感 源于皮革的品牌,致力于开发精致的皮革工艺,旨在表现这些珍贵材质的自然之美。

MISSY SKINS BY NATASHA IVACHOFF 作为该 品牌的主线系列, 在2015秋冬The Showgirl系列 中,设计师通过完美混合皮革与薄纱、真丝、羊毛还有奢华的皮草,刺绣与压花的结合创造了美观又极具可穿性的服饰,充分体现出设计师善用提取文化与艺术的能力。

MISSY SKINS BY NATASHA IVACHOFF 2015年秋冬系列,来自YYO的青年时尚摄影师Lolita Sharun担当此次宣传大片的拍摄, 用其独特的眼光展现了The Showgirl系列的万种风情。此次时装发布会我们邀请了Vogue中国御用时尚造型师YiGuo郭忆为本次的造型指导, 同时有国际活动公司APAX的资深秀导Amy Chan一起打造这场无

YYO Foundation 由创始人金媛媛成立于 2014年初,旨在创建一个可持续性发展的专业创意平台,用以支持时尚行业的新锐设计师、时尚摄影师、及时尚造型艺术家为使命;我们的愿景是打破文化与地域的界限,以时尚之名,为国际交流创造良好的社团文化。